Who is Jennie Jordan?

Jennie offers tailored coaching services for individuals and groups based on her vast clinical expertise. Through her wealth of experience, she has successfully guided thousands of clients of all ages toward reaching their objectives. Her approach integrates evidence-based practices to help clients overcome obstacles and develop a strong foundation for personal growth. With her guidance, individuals gain the tools and insight needed to live their most authentic and fulfilling lives.

In addition to being a sponsored cyclist, she is also a successful author of a dot grid journal and a captivating speaker. Her position as a Senior Mentor in Unleash Her Power Within, an exclusive program designed to empower women, has undeniably made a significant impact. Drawing from Tony Robbins’ powerful teachings, this prestigious program has equipped her to profoundly influence the lives of countless women’s futures.
Jennie and her husband George reside just north of Philadelphia alongside their lovable golden-doodle named Tessa. Their continuous adventures and enthusiasm for travel, cycling, and hiking are wonderfully showcased through a series of mesmerizing photographs shared on her social media platforms.
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Current Certifications

Adaptive & Inclusive Functional Fitness Trainer 

Parkinson’s Disease Fitness Trainer

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant  

ICF Certified Health Coach 

ICF Certified Life Coach 
ICF Personal Development Coach 

NLP Master Practitioner

Reiki Master Practitioner
Shamanic Art Therapist
Cyclist Injury Prevention Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer 
Certified USA Boxing Fitness Trainer
*All require biennial credentialing updates*

Where my fitness passion started

My fitness journey began with my father’s guidance in playing catch in the front yard. I excelled from the start and embraced sports at the age of 7, defying any limitations imposed by my visual impairment. However, it was volleyball that truly captured my heart.
I was incredibly fortunate to have the extraordinary chance to play volleyball under the guidance of Larry Bock, famously known as “The Great & Winiest Coach in the NCAA,” at Juniata College. Making it to the National Championship four times is an experience that will forever hold a special place in my heart. Participating in collegiate sports not only hones your time management skills, but also helps you develop meaningful relationships and establish a strong foundation. It provides a rapid education on the dos and don’ts of being a student athlete.
After college, I retired my volleyball jersey following a string of surgeries on my knees, ankles, and a few shoulder repairs. In my 30s, the athletic bug bit me again, and I found a kinder sport for my body – cycling. Immersing myself in cycling has attracted sponsorships and major national brands. As a cyclist, I focus on long distances and enjoy raising funds for charity. For me, life revolves around giving back to those who need the extra support.
I am passionate about cycling, yoga, rowing, weightlifting, meditation, and hiking. Whenever I have the chance to experience the exhilaration of a bike ride or immerse myself in nature through hiking, it truly makes my day! Engaging in these activities brings an abundance of joy and happiness into my life.
What I love most is that I get to experience these activities with my incredible husband. As you can see in several of the photos, we have a passion for embarking on wild hiking adventures across the globe.
I recommend finding something you are passionate about and sharing it with the world, regardless of your abilities. Always keep in mind that there are people who look up to you as a role model. Be their shining beacon that guides the way.