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Who is Jennie Jordan?


Jennie Jordan, an accomplished life strategist and wellness coach, serves as the CEO of The Coach Jennie. She is widely recognized for her transformative message, which centers around research-backed principles of applied positive psychology. This area of study delves into the captivating exploration of what occurs when we genuinely attain success and experience deep fulfillment in our lives.

Jennie’s business offers individual and group coaching services, catering to clients worldwide. With her extensive clinical experience, she has successfully assisted thousands of clients of all ages, including those on the spectrum. Not only that, she published a highly popular dot grid journal titled “Let’s Get Started” and played a significant role as a Senior Mentor in Unleash Her Power Within powered by Tony Robbins’ exclusively for women.

Jennie and her husband George live north of Philadelphia with their 15 year old golden doodle, Tessa. With a passion for travel and hiking, you will always see amazing pictures on her social pages.

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Current Certifications

Adaptive & Inclusive Fitness Trainer 

Parkinson’s Disease Fitness Training 

ICF Certified Health Coach 

ICF Certified Life Coach 
ICF Personal Development Coach 

NLP Master Practitioner

Reiki Master Practitioner
Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant 
Cyclist Injury Prevention Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer 
Certified USA Boxing Fitness Trainer
*All require biennial credentialing updates*

Where my fitness passion started

My passion for fitness started when my father showed me how to play catch in the front yard. I was a natural! I started playing sports when I was 7 – even with a visual impairment, I was badass! But I quickly learned that volleyball was my jam.

I had the amazing opportunity to play volleyball for “The Great & Most Winiest Coach in the NCAA” Larry Bock (Juniata College). Going to the National Championship 4x is something I will cherish for a lifetime. Playing sports at the collegiate level teaches time management, relationship building and structure. You learn fast the do’s and don’t of being a student athlete. 

Post college years, I hung up my volleyball jersey after 10 surgeries on knees, ankles, and a few shoulder repairs. In my 30s I started feeling the athletic bug – I turned to something friendlier to my body – cycling! Going all in with cycling drew attention to sponsorships and other national brands. As a cyclist, I’m a distance rider and I raise money for charity. Life is all about giving back and supporting others in need and helping those who helped me when I was young with a learning disability and visual impairment. It’s full circle. 

For me, my fitness loves have turned to cycling, bodybuilding, rowing, pilates, meditation, and hiking. When I’m able to take a spin on my bike, go hiking or enjoy the outdoors – it’s always a great day! These activities fill my life with such joy and happiness!

The best part is that I enjoy these activities with my amazing husband. As you will see in many of the pictures, we love to take on some crazy hiking adventures around the world.

My advice is to find something you love and share it with the world no matter what your abilities. Always remember there are people looking up to you as a role model, be their guiding light that shines bright and leads the way