Who is Jennie?

I’m a Wife / Cyclist / Hiker / Traveler / Disney Park Enthusiast / Hot Rod Owner / Entrepreneur / Golden Doodle Mom / Podcaster / Earth Goddess / Athlete who’s Visually Impaired

As a Confidence Builder & Mindset Mentor, together we rewire limiting mindset, rebuild confidence and empower your inner goddess. It’s all about rewiring limiting beliefs to create growth and abundance. Needless to say, I love what I do because I live the journey! 

Let me tell you a little about my “why.” I was born with a visual impairment, only in one eye. Yes, it appears the higher powers have a fantastic sense of humor. I never told anyone about my visual impairment until I was 40. Why? I didn’t want to be treated differently or seen as a “weirdo.” I just wanted to fit in with all the other girls. Well, the universe had different plans for me by creating me to be 6’3″ with crazy curly hair. So my why turned into not hiding from my sassy, classy goddessy self.

THE COACH JENNIE was dream I manifested in early 2019, that quickly turned into reality during a global pandemic. Mentoring is where I’m able to blend 20 years of counseling /  therapy expertise along with my extensive history in health and fitness. 

Starting an online business has been the craziest experience of my life.  I have met the most amazing individuals from all over the world (thanks zoom) and enjoy the flexibility to travel with my husband. But don’t get me wrong, not everyday is full of sunshine and rainbows – I always share the good, bad and ugly side. I like being transparent. 

 I’m so excited that you are here to join me on this adventure we call life. I have a big personality that matches my height, and I learned that laughter is the secret to success and happiness.


Let’s Get Started!

Current Certifications

Adaptive & Inclusive Fitness Trainer 

Parkinson’s Disease Fitness Training 

ICF Certified Health Coach 

ICF Certified Life Coach 
ICF Personal Development Coach 

NLP Master Practitioner
Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant 
Cyclist Injury Prevention Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer 
Certified USA Boxing Fitness Trainer
*All require biennial credentialing updates*

Where my fitness passion started

My passion for fitness started when I father showed me how to play catch in the front yard. I was a natural! I started playing sports when I was 7 – even with a visual impairment, I was badass!

I had the amazing opportunity to play volleyball for “The Great & Most Winniest Coach in the NCAA” Larry Bock at Juniata College. Going to the National Championship 4x is something I will never forget. Playing sports in college teaches you time management, relationship building and structure. You learn fast the do’s and don’t of being a student athlete. 

Post college years, I hung up my volleyball jersey – 10 surgeries on knees, ankles, and shoulders turns out to be very painful post college. Still having the athletic bug – I turned to something friendlier to my bones – CYCLING! 

For me, my fitness loves turned to cycling, rowing, yoga, meditation, and hiking. When I’m able to take a spin on my bike, go hiking or enjoy the outdoors – it’s always a great day! These activities fill my life with such joy and happiness!

The best part is that I enjoy these activities with my amazing husband. As you will see in many of the pictures, we love to take on some crazy hiking adventures. Glacier National Park is where we feel most at home and where there are no words to describe how beautiful the landscape. It’s a must-see bucket list item!

My advice is to find something you love and share it with the world no matter what your abilities. There are others looking up to you as a role model, be the guiding light that shines and empowers others!