Adaptive Athlete
Mindset & Empowerment Mentor

The only thing that’s keeping you from what you want is the story you keep telling yourself. 

– Tony Robbins


A few of my favorite things

Traveling & National Park Adventures

Hiking and exploring our beautiful National Parks is one of my favorite pastimes. Once you find that special place, all the worries of the world melt away. Glacier National Park in Montana is where George and I call home. The place to settle in with Mother Earth.

Adaptive Fitness

2020 came in like a whirlwind, causing everyone to learn how to "adapt." Well I'm a pro at adapting. As a society, we needed time to heal and find new routines. Fun home workouts reignited the love for rowing, yoga, meditation and of course cycling!

As an Adaptive Athlete, Mindset & Empowerment Mentor, I help individuals rewire negative mindset, rebuild confidence, and empower your inner badass.

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Who is Jennie?

I am your coach, mentor, dragon slayer, comic relief and sidekick – I help rebuild from the ground up starting with your mindset. Helping others find their life purpose is the greatest feeling in the world. 
Adaptive fitness has always been a HUGE part of my life. I was born with a visual impairment, and learning to adapt was my biggest challenge. It took over 40 years for me to tell others about my visual impairment; WHY? I didn’t want others to think of me as “different.” 
Now, I LOVE BEING DIFFERENT! I love me, my quirks, and my goofy personality! Life is all about adapting – I just learned how to love life a little earlier than most.


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