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A few of my favorite things

Traveling The World with this Guy

Exploring the world with my husband is one of my favorite things to do. We love to hike & bike National Parks and share these crazy adventures with our family and friends.

Sponsored Athlete

Growing up with a visual impairment - I never allowed it to slow me down from being an athlete. My goal is to show the world that no matter our age or abilities, we are just as competitive.

Why I'm a Women's Wellness Coach

As a Women’s Wellness Coach, I’m your magic genie, your comic relief and your 6-foot sidekick – I help women clarify the chaos by rebuilding healthy mindset, creating confidence around their strengths and implementing structure to reduce fear & anxiety. We already know what to do, but sometimes putting it all together we feel overwhelmed. That’s why my clients love work with me – together we brainstorm solutions to solve their problems. 
A little about me – Wellness & fitness has always been a HUGE part of my life. Being born 1/2 blind and labeled with a learning disability, I learned quickly I was gifted in different ways. Honestly, I embrace life just a little bit different.
Being “different” is what really made me into the beautiful, sassy, unapologetic woman I am today.
BEING DIFFERENT is my Super Power, where I embrace my love for life, my sparky personality & my crazy hair (Mufasa)


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